Sunday, 24 April 2011

daddy's valentine's day cake

As the newest addition to our family, sophie, was only 21 days old on valentine's day, i did not have much chance to go wild with ideas at cupcake.  But olivia and i did fit in quick cake bake. Especially for her daddy when he returned home from swimming the midmar mile (which he completed). 
 This is only half the cake... my mom who had helped looking after olive and sophie for the weekend took home the other half for her husband.  It was the closest he was going to get to a homemade cake from my mother... skip a generation!  I think my mom is still in awe at how easy it was to whip up a cake at a moment's notice.  It helps if you have a two year old to do all the stirring....  

The recipe is from marie-louise guy's book, 'Cakes to celebrate love and life',
 which she did together with her brother Callie Maritz.  She lives down the road from me, and had the honour of meeting her one morning in my garden.  Me in my pajamas (children dressed) and she in killer heels!  An awesome and approachable lady, mother of almost 3, a foodstylist, foodie, guesthouse owner, cook book author... and that is what i found out in one quick morning hello!  so here is the recipe... her's looks much better, and i think it is once again poignant to mention my head assistant, and baking know-it-all is only two (almost three) years old!

(recipe to follow)

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