Tuesday, 26 April 2011

mary poppins

Make a pretty penny and drop by Mary Poppins at 201 Bree Street (next to the funky vespa shop).  They will buy all your kiddie things that you no longer need, and resell it at their store.  Or go take a peek.  Let's face it, some of your baby things only get worn a couple of times.  Everything is very good quality.  There are clothes (quite a few sort after brands), cots, carry-gyms and other essential,  toys and some lovely vintage bits in between.  And i love the recycling and re-use edge.  

But if you don't have the time, or there is stuff they don't want, you can always drop it of at our church at 265 Main Road, Sea Point.  Or email me your details and we could organise pick-up.  We will make it available to the community by selling it at reasonable prices at our annual church bazaar.  All that does not get sold, will go to a local orphanage or children's hospital.

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