Sunday, 5 June 2011

my china

My dad, when i was a kid, would refer to all his friends as 'my china'....including my mom and i some days.  The term has petered (apt wording, my dad's name is peter) away over time, and i  can't remember the last time i heard my dad utter those words, but it sure warms my heart to see how they have become something quirky and beautiful in these lovely pieces.

I love everything Frances makes, and i just love getting new stock for the shop, because there is always a new product or design that you just have to have!  Most recent are these cute bunnies (there are also birds) and also the teeniest salt and pepper shakers with her distinctive animal and indigenous floral designs.

The cork stoppers are my absolute favourite.  All my friends and family have received one as a gift, and my pink giraffe is always keeping the bottle of wine on my kitchen counter company.  Though they also work well as stoppers for her vases, which then morph into a salad dressing dispenser.  There are also protea, more animal and heart designs to choose from. Visit 'my china' for more images, and a peek at her blog.

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