Thursday, 10 November 2011

tissue paper flowers for christmas

if you popped by the shop yesterday, you may have caught me up a ladder, in heels hanging up blue and red flower garlands for Christmas...  i usually wait for December to put up decorations, but these are not too christmassy, and just too pretty to only have up for a couple of weeks.  Lots of people asked yesterday how to make the flowers, so here is a quick how too. It's quick, cheap, easy, pretty and fun to make.  These ones are just a little bigger then a tennis ball, but you can make them any size.. you may just have to use more sheets of tissue paper for bigger flowers.

what you need:
tissue paper
thin wire (i used a twistie which i bought from agrimark)
pair of scissors

Cut your tissue paper into selected size.  I cut an A2 size into eighths.  Then divide all your pieces into piles of 4 or 5 sheets.  The more sheets of tissue paper you use the fuller your flower will be.

You could make huge ones to hang in the garden on christmas day, or little ones to string together and hang around the christmas tree. Have fun!

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