Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Barbie cake for Nina

Every girl needs a barbie cake..  whether it be at age 4 or 40.   Yes I know we all cringe a little and giggle at the idea, but once it was a dream all us girls had.

My friend Carrie (a true collector and enthusiast of all things beautifully kitsch) has only dreamed of such a cake, and she decided that for her daughter, Nina's 4th birthday, a Barbie cake it will be.

Little did I know that this classic birthday cake can still make children bounce, point and squeal.  And even some big people. 

Carrie made it quite clear that this cake was ultimately for her.  Though I can say with much confidence that little Nina was just as delighted. And it was lovely to make both mom and daughter's day... oh the squeals of delight.  It is magical to see how the humble cake can bring such joy to faces, young and old.


Anybody want a barbie cake, just let me know.

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