Saturday, 6 July 2013

Cooking for Crowds

My incredible friend, and baker-chef-stylist, Mari-Louis Guy, has come out with yet another delectable cookery book, Cooking for Crowds.

And I made the credit roll!  As well as the exciting opportunity to make a little contribituton to an actual cookbook... Literally little: toffee-gooseberries.  Basically a twist on the traditional tofffee-apple.  I came up with this for a pop-up dinner I organized with Alex van Maasdijk called 'Grace', a seven course dinner inspired by food referred to in the bible. A dinner hosted in a church by candlelight, beneath majestic stained glass windows.  

The gooseberries were a twist on the apple in Eden.  In Afrikaans they are called 'appel-liefies', roughly translated as 'apple lovies'.  Little sour berries wrapped in caramalised sugar, irresistible to bite, and so delicious.

Mari-Louis and her brother Callie, took it a step further, and experiment with other little nibbly fruit. Looks so beautiful!  Cooking for Crowds was released this last week and available in local bookstores.  

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