Monday, 30 April 2012

puffed berry hearts

Recently got Jamie Oliver's, Ministry of Food, which is fantastic.  Covers all the basics and reminds us how simple, yet delicious cooking can be.  Some cook books probably scare the average person from even stepping into the kitchen... without a microwave meal in hand!  And Jamie just lays it out straight (with lots of pictures) on how to make easy, yummy, homey food. Straightforward.  Anyway, so I made his mince and onion pie, which was very good, and next time I make it I'll turn it into a cottage pie.  So I made the pie, and there is always pastry left over. And just wanting to do something quick, I rolled, cut out some hearts and dolloped on some berry jam, bake at 180 till brown and crispy.. and oops, forgot to photograph the end result before we had eaten them all up!

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