Thursday, 17 May 2012

olivia's rainbow party: Invite & Decorations

Olivia's rainbow party has come and gone.  Liv just loves parties, like all children i suppose.  And I just love how she gets excited about everything you make and do, no matter how small.  We had oodles of fun, and my mind was constantly being hijacked by flashes of rainbow colours.
Here is the first installment of the rainbow party:

 Late into the night, children asleep and all alone, I tied hundreds of ribbons to create this festive garland to string through the house and garden. I think it was more-or-less 30 meters.  I  was amazed at how far 7 rolls of ribbon can go... and there was still loads left.

We also made 6 big tissue paper flowers, one for every colour of the rainbow, to hang above the party table.  These were probably one of my favourite bits.  You can use this tutorial to make these, but for  this size, you will need 10 sheets of tissue paper. And Dexter, the new kitty definitely  loves them: creeping underneath when they were still piled on the floor, and then launching into attack mode. 

We displayed lots of the party goodies in our art deco cupboard.  This all happened with a bit of short notice, as we had planned on a party in the front garden.  But then the weather was a tad fickle, so we had to move most of the party inside, just to be on the safe side.... though just for the record: the sun shone!

Found these very rainbow-y windmills at the chinese trade store, and very last minute, assembled them and hid them among the plants.  I nearly forgot about these, as I had bought them ages ago.
And just for fun, we tied helium balloons around the trampoline.
ooh, and Martin, the mostly amazing husband, found rainbow tulips for a steal, at the Adderley Street flower market..

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