Saturday, 19 May 2012

Rainbow party: food & drinks

rainbow  cupcakes
rainbow lemonade

rainbow jelly
brollie cookies

I love these photos!  Ariana and Erin's mom, Catherine took them.  Please go check her out here.    Everything looks so dreamy. And professional! And yummy...

I am pretty chuffed: I made the sprinkles for the cupcakes myself.. 
And to get the blue jelly for the rainbow jelly, I used plain gelatin and coloured it blue.  Gelatin is quite stinky...  I don't know about the rest of the world.. but there is no such thing as blue jelly in africa.

Add to this list:  packets of popcorn, hotdogs & rainbow fruit kebabs..

and champagne. For us folks.  And some quiche, carrot cake, baked cheese cake and a berry vanilla cake. 

also check out rainbow party:

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