Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Days...

above photographs: Catherine Boyd

This whole week has been speckled with Easter play...  Easter picnics, egg hunts, egg decorating and painting. 

I just LOVE my new food colouring pens which the girls used to scribble on chocolate eggs.  And for the painting I just added a a bit of food colouring to a splash of water.  And voila: you have delighted children.

 And we did some pavement painting with chalk  and chalk paint, which is ridiculously easy to make:

equal parts water to cornflour  ( eg 1 cup cornflour to 1 cup water)
and add your food colour of choice

(If it is too gooey, you need more water...)

oodles of fun...

okay, I am off to go do an Easter egg hunt!

Happy Easter to all!

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