Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Awesome chore chart

I have been threatening to make a chore chart for the girls forever.  And myself.  Because yes on more than one occasion my children have left the house with stinky teeth (don't tell Dr. Sher), unbrushed hair, and those darn vitamins! The fact that they are dressed is sometimes an accomplishment on its own.

I had all these grand schemes of designing my own chart... for a about 2 years. So thank goodness I stumbled upon this terribly cute chore chart idea and FREE PDF from Fifth and Hazel!

Day One: The girls love it.  They enthusiastically helped make dinner, set the table, clean, bath and get ready for bed.  And this morning we were on time for school, with brushed teeth, full tummies, ponytails and ribbons, packed school bags and yes, the vitamins.

So here is to better behaved children.... and mothers!

Visit Fifth and Hazel today for this and everything else.

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