Thursday, 15 August 2013

Fashion Party Shoot

I recently had the incredible opportunity to moonlight as a decor stylist on a shoot with fashion stylist Nicky van Eck and photographer Romi Stern.  They have both worked on some pretty big brands, both  international and local, so I was super excited and incredibly nervous when they asked me to collaborate with them on this project.

It was a bit surreal at the start of the day when at home (the set), all on my own I baked and iced the cake and cupcakes and I set up.  Feeling as though maybe I gone a little dilly and imagined the whole thing.  

Reality came home when by the afternoon there where kids and mums, make-up and hair stylists, photography equipment and assistants tripping over one another trying to catch the last rays of sun as rain clouds threatened to spoil our fun.

I adore this images, they are so whimsical, captured moments from a fairytale. Well done to out little models who braved the chill and still had a good time!

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