Friday, 23 August 2013

nearly my birthday

so I am nearer to my mid thirties than not.  sunday being the official day.  and have to consider the fact that I may entering the cusp of adulthood.  does this mean I need to get a real job?  I think martin may be nodding enthusiastically. 

my father has been telling me at every age that when I am his age I will gain wisdom, and knowledge, see this world for what it actually is, reaching a deeper understanding.  When he told me this again the other day in a haze of smoke, a cigarette dangling from his fingers before his lips, I pointed out that he had been telling me that since he was the age I am now.  So please bring it on!  or maybe I should partake in some different extramural activities to gain all this profoundness.  wink-wink-nudge-nudge.

all I know is that the only profound change in the last couple of weeks is that  I have had to demarcate time to a morning make-up ritual... most mornings.  Not the hour paste-on-mask type, just a little here and there. And my mother who has always told I have complexion that needn't be burdened with makeup, has been slipping me her lipstick and gifting me bits of skincare products.  This may be a sign?

when I take my spectacles off, the world becomes a misty blur.  which can be quite handy when you want to pretend your aren't where you are.  but not when you are trying to apply makeup. 

whip out pick-a-mix make up kit.  you know the one.  that first makeup kit you got for Christmas, with all the samples of colours and everything you need.  don't worry I haven't had it for a hundred years.... its pretty fancy stuff and my mom gave it to me for Christmas 2 years ago.

I start with the eye stuff.  apply with ring finger, or so some makeup person once told me if you misplace those nifty brushes.  then some mascara. slip my specs on my nose which have been on my head.  Misty.  just washed hair from the shower.  clean specs.  look again.  half the mascara is on my face.  wipe off smudges with makeup remover (thanks mom).   some cheek stuff and lips.  wow.

Anybody want to sponsor me a makeup course at mac?

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gwenette said...

Megan, how come there is no trace of anyone asking you for a picture in the comments? I want to see you all made up! love, Gwen (the french Gwen who lived in Stellies and moved to Brazil, you know.)

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