Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Daisy-doodle Party

I got to organise a little birthday party for a little girl!  Some people might think I am a little crazy but I do enjoy planning parties, even though I often swear I will never do one again!  I just can't help myself, especially if it's a fresh idea to try!

So for little Migle who turned 3 I planned a yellow and white daisy doodle party.  

Decor was light and fresh with yellow and white streamers, and daisy balloons. ( total of 120 balloon, half of which i blew up myself until my knight in shining armour, compresser in hand, slow motioned towards me....) 

Colouring tables doodled with flowers, bees and butterflies.  For fun we made cardboard bunnies and shaped pipe cleaner flowers.  And went wild with hoolahoops.

Crunchy popcorn, homemade lemonade, daisy lollipops, gooseberry and grape kebabs, quiche, crudites with hummus and tzatziki and carrot cupcakes to nibble.  

I love making someones day extra special!

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